We at Confidencen

We at Confidencen

Who’s who

Fredrik Forslund

Per-Arthur Segerström
Head of Confidencen Association of Friends


Board and General Management

For me, the Ulriksdal Palace Theatre is not only an integral part of Swedish theatre history. There is also a special personal connection. For many years I lived in Villa Beylon on the palace grounds, right next to the building that had once hosted Queen Lovisa Ulrika’s royal theatre and since then had fallen into decay for centuries. When I showed the almost entirely ruined theatre to opera singer Kjerstin Dellert, she made it her life mission to save the theatre, and the long-standing dream of reviving the Confidencen could finally be made true. It is with great joy that I have been able to see the magnificent rooms of the theatre regain their splendour, and once more be filled with singing, dancing and music.
Today the Confidencen stands as a living monument of Swedish cultural history. With the reviving of the theatre comes a great responsibility to maintain and develop the building and its function as a living theatre. As many as possible should be able to experience the magic of Sweden’s oldest rococo theatre, both today’s audiences and future generations.

Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson


Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson, Honorary Chairman of the Board 

Peter Edholm, Chairman
Anne Utter, vice-Chairman
Gunnar Andersson
Hélène Gullberg
Sven Hagströmer
Gunnar Lundberg
Monika Mannerström Skog
Kerstin Schörling
Per Arthur Segerström
Marie-Louise Sörensen
Charlotte Wall
Marie Wallenberg Olsson