Confidencen Opera & Music Festival 2021

Confidencen Opera & Music Festival 2021



John Blow: Venus & Adonis

Henry Purcell: Dido & Aeneas

This summer’s opera production is a double-bill featuring the best of English Baroque opera.

Venus & Adonis, composed in 1683 by John Blow, is considered the earliest example of English opera. It tells the enchanting story of two mythical lovers and their cruel fate in scenes reaching from light-hearted comedy to heartfelt despair.

Henry Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas from 1689 has become one of the most famous and beloved operas from the Baroque era, with its sumptuous music, dramatic plot and its themes of love, friendship, jealousy and cruelty. The opera is perhaps best known for Dido’s painfully beautiful lament When I am Laid in Earth.

The performance will be sung in English.

Performed 29/7-21/8


William Relton stage director
Sara Ekman choreographer
Christer Nilsson set designer
Sofie Anderson light design
Anna Kjellsdotter costume designer
Elin Gradin and Catha Lundin make up designers



Ida Ränzlöv Venus/Dido
Bernt Ola Volungholen Adonis/Aeneas
Christina Larsson Malmberg Belinda
Rupert Enticknap Cupido/Sorceress

Lisa Carlioth Second Woman/First Witch
Mathilda Sidén Silfver Second Witch/Messenger
Mikael Stenbaek Sailor
Arash Azarbad Shepherd

Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Orchestra
Olof Boman conductor


Ticket price: SEK 520
The performance lasts around 2 hours and 30 minutes including one interval.

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Performance concert

Henry Purcell: Hail! Bright Cecilia!

Henry Purcell’s music for the celebration of Saint Cecilia, patroness of musicians, from 1682 is full of references to singing and musical instruments, and in the most wonderful ways it lets singers and musicians praise the universal language of music. In this staged concert, we let the music sound from every corner of the auditorium as we invite you to a musical feast in a visual concept by Sara Ekman and Leif Persson.

Performed 3/8, 4/8 and 5/8 at 7pm.


Sara Ekman choreographer
Leif Persson visual concept


Anders J. Dahlin tenor
Anna Zander mezzo soprano
Carl Ackerfeldt baritone

Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Choir
Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Academy
Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Orchestra
Olof Boman conductor

Ticket price: SEK 360
The performance lasts around 1 hour

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En Confidence – Shakespeare’s Music

It is with great pleasure that we welcome actor Marika Lagercrantz back to our stage, this time together with singers Rupert Enticknap and Bernt Ola Volungholen and lutenist Jonas Nordberg. Together they will take us along on a journey into the realm between Shakespeare’s poetic universe and the music that it has inspired

Performed in Swedish.

Performed 31/7 at 3pm.
Ticket price: SEK 280
The performance lasts around 70 minutes.

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En Confidence – En fidence – En danse


Baroque music is dance music even when no dancer is present. The musicians of the era took their cue from the physical movement as they set strings and reeds into vibration, as do the outstanding baroque players that we welcome back to the Confidencen stage for this concert. But what if we set these vibrations to dance?

Dancer Noah Hellwig takes his inspiration from baroque dance as well as from the winding gestures of the baroque gardens and the geometric shapes of the mandala, as he meets the musicians to explore their common ground. In the interplay between instruments and bodies and between stage and auditorium, the audience is invited to a beautiful world of visual and musical movements.

Performed 7/8 at 3pm

Peter Spissky violin
Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann cello
Petra Ambrosi recorder/oboe
Marcus Mohlin cembalo
Noah Hellwig dancer & choreographer

Ticket price: SEK 280
Duration: 70 minutes

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Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Les arts florissants

Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Academy

Meet the future stars of opera as we proudly launch a new edition of the Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Academy! With generous support from the Anders Wall Foundation, four young singers will deepen their knowledge of the baroque style together with internationally renowned coaches in the field and with musicians from the Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Orchestra. The singers will be part of this year’s immersive production of Hail! Bright Cecilia, and will also give a concert featuring music from the great masters of the French Baroque.

Performed 14/8 at 4pm

Singers from Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Academy
Anders J. Dahlin tenor and coach
Johan Hansson Lindström organ and coach
Emma Nyman violin
Rebecka Karlsson violin
Martin Lissola viola
David Gammelgård cello
Simon Linné lute

Ticket price: SEK 220
Duration: 60 minutes

Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Academy is made possible through generous support from the Anders Wall Foundation.

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En Confidence
– Music and rationality

A journey in words and music starting in the 18th century 

The 18th century is not like any other. Very few periods in the history of the Western world have been so definitive, and that is also true for Sweden. In this century we find the starting point of the path of rationality that many people now believe has led to environmental destruction and lack of wisdom.

However, at the beginning of a path there can be something that later gets lost along the way. In the 18th century the world still made sense as a whole and there was an inherent spiritual dimension to reality. Where did it go?

With great anticipation we welcome back to the festival the duo LISAS: Lisa Rydberg, violin and Lisa Långbacka, accordion. Together with human ecologist and historian of ideas Per Johansson, they will seek ways out of the dead-end that more and more people see themselves trapped in. With the unexpectedly different world of ideas of the 18th century as a starting point, in the inspiring power of music and the multiple meanings of the word spirit, the trio will show us a potentially richer reality.

Performed 21/8 at 3pm

Ticket price: SEK 280
Duration: 70 minutes

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Family performance


A look into the magic of theatre. Hear the story of two pairs of star-cross’d lovers and their burning passion, storming adventures and gripping fates. But beware, wicked witches lurk behind the scenes!
In the foyers we will be introduced to the world of baroque theatre and its secrets. Then we will get a sneak peek of the reharsals of this summer’s opera production.

Recommended from age 6. The tour will be held in Swedish and the opera performance is sung in English.

Performed 16 and 17/7 at 11am.
Ticket price: SEK 100/ SEK 150 (Child/Adult)
Duration: Approx. 45 minutes

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