Confidencen Opera & Music Festival 2020

Confidencen Opera & Music Festival 2020


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John Blow: Venus & Adonis

Henry Purcell: Dido & Aeneas

This summer’s opera production is a double-bill featuring the best of English Baroque opera.

Venus & Adonis, composed in 1683 by John Blow, is considered the earliest example of English opera. It tells the enchanting story of two mythical lovers and their cruel fate in scenes reaching from light-hearted comedy to heartfelt despair.

Henry Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas from 1689 has become one of the most famous and beloved operas from the Baroque era, with its sumptuous music, dramatic plot and its themes of love, friendship, jealousy and cruelty. The opera is perhaps best known for Dido’s painfully beautiful lament When I am Laid in Earth.

The performance will be sung in English.

Performed 29/7-22/8


William Relton stage director
Sara Ekman choreographer
Christer Nilsson set designer
Anna Kjellsdotter costume designer
Elin Gradin and Catha Lundin make up designers



Ida Ränzlöv Venus/Dido
Bernt Ola Volungholen Adonis/Aeneas
Christina Larsson Malmberg Belinda
Rupert Enticknap Cupido/Sorceress

Sofia Niklasson Second Woman/First Witch
Mathilda Sidén Silfver Second Witch/Messenger
Love Tronner Sailor
Arash Azarbad Shepherd

Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Orchestra
Olof Boman conductor


Ticket price: SEK 490
The performance lasts around 2 hours and 20 minutes including one interval.

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Performance concert

Henry Purcell: Hail! Bright Cecilia!

In a staged performance concert, Henry Purcell’s monumental Ode for St. Cecilia for chorus, orchestra and soloists will fill the entire Confidencen auditorium with music and movement. We invite you to a feast to celebrate Saint Cecilia, the patroness of musicians, and the power of music!

The audience will be standing in the midst of the performance and will be able to move freely around the room to experience the music and visual design from different places or let themselves be surrounded by musicians and singers. After the intermission where the audience and performers meet in the Confidencen bar, follows a second act inside the theatre with music from the realm of sleep and rest.

Performed 4/8, 5/8 and 6/8 at 7pm.


Sara Ekman choreographer
Leif Persson visual concept


Anders J. Dahlin tenor
Rupert Enticknap counter tenor
Anna Zander mezzo soprano
Carl Ackerfeldt baritone
Jonas Nordberg theorbo/lute

Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Choir
Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Orchestra
Olof Boman conductor

Ticket price: SEK 380
The performance lasts around 1 hour and 45 minutes including one interval.

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En Confidence – Dancing with Bach

Johann Jacob Bach, older brother of Johann Sebastian, is also known as the Stockholm Bach. He played in the military band of the army of King Charles XII of Sweden and followed the king back to Stockholm after participating in the Battle of Poltava. Perhaps did he bring music by his younger brother to his new hometown where he also may have encountered the tradition of Swedish folk music and poetry? Even as a mere theory, this is an inspiring fantasy that will now come to life as recorder player Kristine West and nyckelharpist Erik Rydvall meet actor Hannes Meidal on the Confidencen stage in a programme that weaves together Baroque and folk music with Swedish 18th century poetry.

Performed in Swedish.

The concerts marks the release of the album Dancing with Bach on Daphne Records.

Performed 1/8 at 3pm.
Ticket price: SEK 280
The performance lasts around 75 minutes.

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En Confidence – Theatre Music

If Music be the food of love, play on

From Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

Meet some of Europe’s best Baroque musicians as they join actor Marika Lagercrantz in a programme celebrating the art of theatre and the stage itself. In dialogues, duets and trios, music from all over Europe will sound from every corner of the theatre.

Performed 8/8 at 3pm

Petra Ambrosi recorder/oboe
Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann cello
Marcus Mohlin cembalo/organ
Peter Spissky violin
Marika Lagercrantz actor

Ticket price: SEK 280
Duration: 75 minutes

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Dietrich Buxtehude: Membra Jesu Nostri

Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Academy

Meet future stars as the Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Academy is launched! With generous support from the Anders Wall Foundation, four young singers will deepen their knowledge of the baroque style together with internationally renowned coaches in the field and with musicians from the Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Orchestra. The work will lead to a performance of Dietrich Buxtehude’s Membra Jesu Nostri where the singers will express their artistry in arias, duets and ensembles.

Performed 9/8 at 1pm

Singers from Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Academy
Anders J. Dahlin tenor and coach
Johan Hansson Lindström organ and coach
Musicians from Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Orchestra

Ticket price: SEK 220
Duration: 75 minutes

Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Academy is made possible through generous support from the Anders Wall Foundation.

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John Dowland with William Shakespeare at Haga

– English music and poetry in the Turkish pavilion


Speak low if you speak love

From Much Ado about Nothing, William Shakespeare

The English composer John Dowland (1563-1626) was the greatest lutenist of his time and wrote an abundance of music for this instrument as well as hundreds of songs. He was a contemporary of William Shakespeare, and in this concert we imagine their music and words being brought to the Swedish King Gustav III and his Turkish pavillion, built 1786 in the royal park of Haga. It could have been something like this…

Performed in the Turkish pavillion in the Haga Park, 15/8 at 11am

Ticket price: SEK 280
Duration: 65 minutes

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Beneath the Orange Trees

– Italian lemons and French wine among Swedish gooseberry bushes

In the beautiful orangery in the Ulriksdal Palace Park, the festival orchestra will be joined by soloists Kristine West on the recorder and Erik Rydvall on the nyckelharpa. Summer from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons and the dance rhythms of Les Caractères de la Dance by Jean Féry will meet 18th century folk- and baroque music. The sculpture collection in the orangery will also become part of the performance.

Performed in the orangery by the Ulriksdal Palace 16/8 at 1pm and 22/8 at 3pm
Please note that the programme presentations will be held in Swedish and that the concert is mobile and will be moving around the different rooms of the orangery.

Kristine West recorder
Erik Rydvall nyckelharpa
Confidencen Opera & Music Festival Orchestra
Peter Spissky concert master

Ticket price: SEK 280
Duration: 65 minutes

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Breakfast Concert in the Foyers

– Was Bellman Swedish?

We invite you to start the day with fresh coffee and a sandwich in a musical meeting with 18th century Queen Lovisa Ulrika and court poet Carl Michael Bellman in the magnificent Confidencen Dining Hall! Baritone Arash Azarbad and guests, accompanied by artistic director Olof Boman at the piano, will explore European influences on typically Swedish music from the 18th century. And the audience will be invited to sing along!

Performed 22/8 at 11am (coffee is served from 10.30)

Arash Azarbad baritone
Olof Boman piano
And guests

Ticket price: SEK 220
Duration 75 minutes

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Family performance


A look into the magic of theatre. Hear the story of two sets of star-cross’d lovers and their burning passion, storming adventures and gripping fates. But beware, wicked witches lurk behind the scenes!
In the foyers we will be introduced to the world of baroque theatre and its secrets. Then we will get a sneak peek of the reharsals of this summer’s opera production.

Recommended from age 6. The tour will be held in Swedish and the opera performance is sung in English.

Performed 17 and 18/7 at 11am.
Ticket price: SEK 120/ SEK 160 (Child/Adult)
Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
A co-operation with Tensta konsthall.

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